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1951 Buick Special Tourback Sedan - Model 48


1951 Buick Special Tourback Sedan – Model 48

Production0 (has not been built)
Original Baseprice$ 1,888.00
Engine263.3 cui Fireball L8
128 (w/Dynaflow)
225 ft-lbs (w/Dynaflow)
63.4 inches
76.7 inches
204 inches
121.5 inches

% share of all 1951 Buicks

Quote from Original Literature

1951 Buick Sales Brochure
The 1951 Buick Special Tourback Sedan (Model 48) - here's the smart running male to the DeLuxe-finished Model 48D, with full room for six big passengers, and the highly popular tourback styling.

1951 Buick Special Tourback Sedan Equipment

The 1951 Buick Special Tourback Sedan was planned as a cheap 2-door Sedan – but Buick decided not to build it. This model was mentioned in some of the showroom literature.

One-Piece Hood
Rear Fender Gravel Shield
Two-Piece Windshield
Antenna (Manual or Automatic)
Armrest Package
Auxiliary Fog Lamps
Back-Up Lights
Dynaflow Transmission (Automatic Transmission)
Direction Signals
Flexible Spoke Steering Wheel
Foamtex Seat Cushions
Heater & Defroster
Rear View Mirror
Selectronic Radio
Sonomatic Radio
Standard Accessory Group (includes Electric Clock, Trunk Light, License Plate Frames & Wheel Covers)
Two-Tone Paint
White Wall Tires
Windshield Washer

See 1951 Buick Options & Accessories for a full list with original prices.

1951 Buick Options & Accessories
  • 1951 Buick Selectronic Radio

    1951 Buick Selectronic Radio

    1951 Buick Selectronic Radio Tuning brings in as many of the available stations as you want-or as few as you choose. Read more!

1951 Buick Special Tourback Sedan Colors

1951 Buick Colors

Buyers of the 1951 Buick Special Tourback Sedan had the choice between 15 base colors. They could be used as solid or two-tone color. In this case, the roof could be painted differently. Note: Color accuracy varies by computer/device settings and depends on the actual light.

(See complete 1951 Buick color chart for Duco Paint numbers.)

1951 Buick Colors

Body Colors

Carlsbad Black

Verde Green

Imperial Blue

Geneva Green

Barton Grey

Olympic Blue

Victoria Maroon

Sharon Green

Cloudmist Grey

Old Ivory

Sky Grey

Calumet Green

Venetian Blue

Galena Blue

Gleen Green

Roof Colors (Two-Tone Paint)

Imperial Blue (with Barton Grey or Galena Blue)

Cloudmist Grey (with Sky Grey)

Sky Grey (with Verde Green, Olympic Blue, Victoria Maroon, Sharon Green, Cloudmist Grey, Calumet Green, Venetian Blue or Galena Blue)

Calumet Green (with Glenn Green)

1951 Buick Special Tourback Sedan Interior Trim Combinations

Trim #40

Standard Trim.

Seat Material:
Light Grey Pattern Cloth

Bolster Material:
Light Grey Pattern Cloth

1951 Buick Seat Material
1951 Buick Bolster Material

Because of being the affordable base, buyers had only one choice for the interior.

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Literature covering the 1951 Buick Special Tourback Sedan

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