1951 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

1951 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

The list of 1951 Buick Optional equipment is short and concise. But it is sufficient enough to allow a range from plain jane to luxury car. The most expensive feature was – as in previous model years – the Dynaflow automatic transmission . The most promoted option was probably the Heater & Defroster . It provides a fresh breeze in the summer and in winter it warmed up the air and also defrosted the frozen windscreen . Buyer of a Roadmaster model were able to enjoy many extras , which buyers of smaller series had to pay extra for.

Compared to today’s automobiles is striking that in any year of the 1950s a radio was available only at extra cost!

A closer look at 1951 Buick Options & Accessories

  • 1951 Buick Selectronic Radio

1951 Buick Selectronic Radio

1951 Buick Optional Equipment Overview

ADynaflow Transmission$169.20$169.20Standard
BWeather Warden Venti-Heater and Defroster$57.90$57.90$57.90
DSonomatic Radio with Antenna$80.00$80.00$80.00
ESelectronic Radio with Antenna$106.50$106.50$106.50
FBack-Up Lights$10.60$10.60Standard
GWindshield Washer$7.90$7.90Standard
HFlexible Spoke Steering Wheel$10.60StandardStandard
IAntenna only$7.90$7.90$7.90
KFoamtex Seat Cushions$14.80 (Model 46: $7.50)StandardStandard
LDirectional Signals$10.60StandardStandard
NWheel Coversn/a$10.60n/a
ONon-Glare Rear View Mirror$5.30$5.30Standard
PEasy-Eye Glass$42.10$42.10$42.10
QWhite Sidewall Tires (5)$27.15$27.15$30.60
UStandard Accessory Group (El. Clock, Wheel Covers, Trunk Light, Lic. Plate Frame)$31.60StandardStandard