1950 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

1950 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

Those who think that cars in the 1950s did not have luxury features , are wrong. On the list of 1950 Buick Optional Equipment you will find the Dynaflow automatic transmission , Heater & Defroster and Windshield Washer. These things can be found in modern cars, too. Only the technical resources were not available in 1950: Neither Power Steering Power Brakes were ready for the market.

Although we could collect a lot of literature since 2016 , this list of 1950 Buick Optional Equipment is not complete . If you have material that the Buick Community helps to fill in the missing information, we would be pleased about a message!

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1950 Buick Optional Equipment Overview

ASonomatic Radio & Antenna $80.00 $80.00 $80.00
BAntenna Only $7.90 $7.90 $7.90
CHeater & Defroster $57.90 $57.90 $57.90
DWindshield Washer $7.90 $7.90Standard
EGlareproof Mirror $5.30 $5.30Standard
FBack-Up Lights $10.60 $10.60Standard
GAccessory Group $21.10 $10.60Standard
HWhite Wall Tires (5) $22.10 $22.10 $23.20 (Model 79: $25.30)
ISelectronic Radio & Antenna$106.50$106.50$106.50
KFlexible Spoke Steering Wheel $10.60StandardStandard
LFoamtex Seat Cushions $14.80 (Model 46: $8.50)StandardStandard
MDynaflow Transmission $169.20 $169.20Standard
NDirectional Signals $10.60StandardStandard
OHigh Springs $50.00 $50.00 $50.00
QOil Filter $5.00 $5.00 $5.00
QS.S. Mouldings$52.70??
ROptional Gear Ratio???
SDrive Out???
TSpecial Springs???
WKilometer Speedometer???
XDry Battery???
YLow Compression???
ZSpecial Order???