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1954 Buick Fuel System Adjustment

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SECTION 3-C 1954 BUICK FUEL SYSTEM ADJUSTMENTS AND REPLACEMENTS-EXCEPT IN PUMP AND CARBURETOR ASSEMBLIES 3-7 1954 BUICK AIR CLEANER, GAS FILTER, AND MANIFOLD VALVE SERVICE 1954 Buick Air Cleaner Service An air cleaner with a dirty element, or with oil that is dirty, too heavy, or too high in the reservoir will restrict the air flow [...]

2014 2014/11

1959 Buick Convertible Top Adjustments

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SECTION 7-D 1959 BUICK CONVERTIBLE TOP ADJUSTMENTS 7-7 DESCRIPTION The 1959 Buick convertible top linkage consists of three sections of right and left side roof rails and a front roof rail connected by bolts, hinges, and a series of connecting links and bows. The top linkage is attached to the body at the rear quarter [...]

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