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1958 Buick Century Estate Wagon – Model 69

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The 1958 Buick Century Estate Wagon (Model 69) - also known as the 1958 Buick Caballero - is Buick's trend-setting B-58 Estate Wagon - and just from viewing it, you know it is beautifully designed for any need. And beneath this glamorous hardtop styling and this true practicality, there's an important story in the luxury of this big wagon's ride-either on four coil springs-or on Buick's optional new Air-Poise Suspension. There's another big story in the B-12000 engine and in Dynaflow performance-and in the proud standards of Buick quality construction that keep the body tight, the engine right, the finish beautiful and long-lasting. Best of all, there's a good news dollar story, too.

1958 Buick Century Convertible – Model 66C

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Sparkling new styling, spotlighted by a handsome new grille design unique in the automotive industry, enhances the 1958 Buick Century Convertible with the verve and dash of a sports car. The new Century, like all other cars in the Buick line, is equipped with dual headlights and a daring new fender and hood line that accentuates the new low silhouette . Buick's improved variable pitch Dynaflow transmission is standard on the Century. The revolutionary new flight pitch Dynaflow and the new miracle air ride are available as optional equipment. All 1958 Buicks, except the Special, are equipped with air -cooled aluminum brakes on the front wheels.

1958 Buick Century Riviera – Model 66R

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Liveliest of all powerful B-58 Buick performers, and luxurious to a degree unique among cars of comparable cost ... the 1958 Buick Century Riviera (Model 66R) stands only a single step above the Buick Special in the price range. For this comparatively modest dollar difference, the Century delivers the outstanding buy in rich and sparkling performance.

1958 Buick Century Riviera Sedan – Model 63

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Not only is the 1958 Buick Century Riviera Sedan the liveliest performing of all Buicks - it's also the lowest in look and line. And behind this sleek glamour and cool travel, you'll find a long list of features normally associated only with cars costing hundreds of dollars more. Among these are: Variable Pitch Dynaflow, custom interiors, carpeted doors, safety instrument panel cushion - even electric window lifts.

1958 Buick Century Sedan – Model 61

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At prices just topping Buick's thrifty Special Series, the 1958 Buick Century Sedan (Model 61) harnesses the full power of Buick's mightiest engine to the agile and highly maneuverable Buick 122-inch wheelbase-giving a power-to-weight ratio that's a honey in any performance lover's language. Teaming up with this great new powerplant is the eye-wink obedience and silk-smooth response of an advanced new Variable Pitch Dynaflow. And along with all of this comes the rock-firm solidity, easy handling and wondrous comfort of Buick's Miracle Ride. On every score-and particularly for the many luxury features that come with its brilliant performance-the Century takes top honors for prestige in its field again in 1958.

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