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1950 Buick Super Jetback Sedanet – Model 56S

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Unless you've already reviewed Buick's fashion parade for '50 - and have your sights firmly set on a certain Buick beauty - you surely owe yourself some fun. Things like breezing about in Buick's new 1950 Buick Super Jetback Sedanet (Model 56S) with all the air and flair of a convertible under its arching steel roof ...

1950 Buick Super Riviera – Model 56R

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The 1950 Buick Super Riviera - (Model 56R) - now the Super comes in Riviera style - the brightest, sportiest thing on wheels. Looks like a convertible, gives almost as such visibility as a top-down convertible, especially with that sweeping rear window. Comfortably seats six inside.

1950 Buick Super Riviera Sedan – Model 52

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The 1950 Buick Super Riviera Sedan (Model 52) - here's the extra-long, extra-graceful version of the Super family. In this 4-door Sedan is the rear-seat roominess of a limousine - with the extra side windows for good looks and broad outlook. Legroom, hiproom, headroom aplenty inside this beauty.

1950 Buick Super Sedan – Model 51

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The 1950 Buick Super Sedan (Model 51) - one of the most popular of all Buicks is this spirited Sedan, made extra-handsome and extra -roomy by its graceful afterdeck rear-end design. Blessed with extra-special touches for added comfort and convenience - for safety and pleasure, too.

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