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1950 Buick Special Jetback Deluxe Sedanet – Model 46D

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The 1950 Buick Special Jetback Deluxe Sedanet (Model 46D) - smart designing makes this swift-lined 6-passenger beauty spacious as a sedan, companionable as a coupe. Its deep, wide rear seat takes three persons - who enter easily, thanks to wide doors and easy-folding front-seat backs. A family favorite with its two-door safety for children.

1950 Buick Special Jetback Sedanet – Model 46S

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The 1950 Buick Special Jetback Sedanet (Model 46S) combines typical Buick massiveness with the full grace of tapered and flowing lines. Here, you have sedan seating room with coupe companionability, while the security of two-door design makes this model ideal for a family with youngsters. Ideal in value, too, with a price that will baby your budget!

1950 Buick Special Jetback Coupe – Model 46

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The 1950 Buick Special Jetback Coupe (Model 46) is a big and beautiful boon to the traveling man. The area behind the seat back offers truly spacious, extra storage space of almost room-size proportions to hold sample cases, cartons, demonstration kits, or what have you. Ideally suited for the three-member family - and kind to the most modest of budgets! The Special 2-door, 3-passenger Jetback Coupe, Model 46 - Trim and tidy in every detail, with a wide front seat for three busy businessmen, and a spacious rear section providing extra room for samples, cases or what-have-you, in addition to the ample storage area of its luggage compartment. A boon to small families, too, or an ideal second car.

1950 Buick Special Jetback Deluxe Sedan – Model 43D

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All signs say this is your year for another brand-new Buick. Your eyes tell you this bold, super-strong 1950 Buick Special Jetback Deluxe Sedan - Model 43D - forefront and Buick taper set the fashion for sleek and graceful going. Your throttle-toe finds Fireball power even livelier for '50 - and fuel economy well within its big-car performance. Your hands say this Buick keeps your course truer, steadier, yet smooth and soft as Buick's all-coil spring ride.

1950 Buick Special Jetback Sedan – Model 43

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The 1950 Buick Special Jetback Sedan, Model 43, tops the popularity poll with its superb styling and spacious roominess for six sizable people. Distinctively tapered fenders ending in a jet-engine, rear-fender contour set a truly fresh style pattern . 121 1/2-inch wheelbase, with 110 h.p. engine (120 on Dynaflow models).

1950 Buick Special Sedan – Model 41

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Feast your eyes, folks - and reach for your checkbook. For here, in one stunning, swift-lined bundle, is everything - yes, everything - you've been hoping for. New style note? Well, just look at that brand new idea in front-end sty ling. Grille, bumper, bumper-guard and even parking lights all combined in a single, sturdy assembly that means you can't 'lock horns' with other cars!

1950 Buick Special Deluxe Sedan – Model 41D

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The 1950 Buick Special Deluxe Sedan - Model 41D - Big, bold and really budget-pleasing is this spacious 6-passenger Sedan with deluxe finish throughout. Visibility aplenty and generous luggage space under the afterdeck. Light in handling, sparkling in performance, a winner from start to garaging.

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