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1952 Buick Brake Service

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SECTION 8-C 1952 BUICK BRAKE SERVICE AND ADJUSTMENT PROCEDURES 8-8 FILLING 1952 BUICK BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER The master cylinder must be kept properly filled to insure adequate reserve and prevent air from entering the hydraulic system. It must not be overfilled, however, as expansion due to heat absorbed at brakes and from engine would cause [...]

2014 2014/11

1955 Buick Brakes

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1955 BUICK BRAKES CAMPAIGN FOLLOWING IS A REPRINT OF SPECIAL SERVICE LETTER - DEALER NO. 151 (REVISED) JANUARY 4, 1955 A very important improvement in the hydraulic section of the 1955 power brake unit has recently gone into production. This improvement will prevent the possibility of air entering the hydraulic lines, will facilitate bleeding, and [...]

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