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1956 Buick Super Riviera – Model 56R

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The 1956 Buick Super Riviera (Model 56R) ride is the finest ever, with a more massive frame, the new deep-oil cushioning of the direct-acting rear shock absorbers and a new over-all riding smoothness - plus a more responsive Safety Power Steering.

1956 Buick Super Convertible – Model 56C

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The sports-car snap of the swift-lined 1956 Buick Super Convertible (Model 56C) is highlighted by rich, all-cordaveen interiors. And convenience is the keynote with windows and the horizontal seat adjustment electrically controlled. In all Supers you find foam rubber seat cushions, automatic trunk light, electric clock and new sealed beam headlights, at no extra cost.

1956 Buick Super Riviera Sedan – Model 53

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You will find that in pure spaciousness and great performance, the 1956 Buick Super Riviera Sedan (Model 53) is the big buy of the middle price range. Styling takes its theme from the sky-borne. Horsepower reaches a surging 255. And the new pickup and gas savings of Variable Pitch Dynaflow are yours at no extra cost.

1956 Buick Super Sedan – Model 52

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Spaciousness is certainly the byword for Super. Hiproom in the 1956 Buick Super Sedan (Model 52) measures 64.9 inches across the front seat- 65.7 inches across the back. And headroom, legroom and shoulder-room are just as generously proportioned. And matching the roominess of Super interiors is the beauty of its new cordaveen and patterned nylon upholsteries.

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