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1956 Buick Century Estate Wagon – Model 69

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In the 1956 Buick Century Estate Wagon (Model 69), fashion is on a par with spaciousness. Custom-finished interiors are offered in five color choices-with fully carpeted floors front and rear. When rear seat is folded down, load space here is 94.4 inches from back of front seat to tip of lowered tail gate, with tail gate up-77.8 inches.

1956 Buick Century Convertible – Model 66C

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In the dashing 1956 Buick Century Convertible (Model 66C), you have a choice of four striking color selections of interiors in soft, supple leather. Windows and horizontal seat adjustment here are electrically controlled. In all Centuries, you get Variable Pitch Dynaflow, foam rubber seat cushions, electric clock, and many other features as standard equipment.

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