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The 1960 Buick is the last model year of Buicks iconic wing-type styling and marks the end of the golden age of 1950s car design. With the radical change from 1960 to 1961 model year, most dealerships and salesmen dumped their sales literature. That makes this 1960 Buick Features Facts Book very rare.

The 1960 Buick Features Facts Book is a very good source for information about the 1960 Buick. It covers all series and models. The book was given to dealerships and salesmen to provide them all info they need to answer all possible questions of new car buyers. So if you’re looking for factory correct answers and neat details, this is what you need! The section within this book are:

  • (Introduction)
  • Styling
  • Body Construction
  • Chassis
  • Engines & Transmissions
  • Accessories & Options
  • Specifications
  • Index

These books are very hard to find and expensive. We’ve created this reproduction to give you the opportunity to own this rare historical source of information for little money.

There are 124 inner pages. The size is DIN A5 (148 × 210 mm or 5.82 × 8.27 inches). It differs from the original a little bit (colors, size, etc.) due to modern printing standards. This reprint was made by a professional printing company using high quality materials. It has a hard cover and thicker paper.

(Note: The content of this book is identical to the “Features & Facts” section of the 1960 Buick Presentation Book:

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