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  • 1958 Buick Showroom Poster - Models & Equipment

1958 Buick Showroom Poster – Models & Equipment – 33 x 47″ (REPRINT)


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Put a little Showroom feeling into your garage or men cave – with this big 1958 Buick Showroom Poster! It shows all Series, Models plus Standard & Optional Equipment.

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Product Description

If you were a prospect for a new 58 Buick and walked into a Buick dealership, this 1958 Buick Showroom Poster would meet your eye. Most of all Showroom posters, banners and wallpapers were dumped after the model year. But we have found one in very good condition. We feel that it is our job to save this valueable piece for further generations. But we also would like to share the 1958 Buick Showroom Poster with all 58 Buick owners and fans. Thats why we have decided to offer high quality reprints.

What you find on the 1958 Buick Showroom Poster:

  • All Series (one car picture for each series)
  • All Models and Model Codes
  • Standard Equipment for each Series
  • Optional Equipment, including Code and Series/Model availability

The 1958 Buick Showroom Poster is big! The dimensions are: 46,81 inches (118.9 cm) wide and 33.11 inches (84.1 cm) high. We’ve chosen extra thick paper made for indoor use. Our goal was to keep the original data authentic, but it had to be transferred to modern printing standards such as colors and formats.

(Please note that the frame shown in the item picture is not included.)
The poster is shipped in a roll.

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1958 Buick Showroom Poster - Models & Equipment (REPRINT)
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