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1953 Buick DVD – Salesman Training Films


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The 1953 Buick DVD is an awesome collection of five dealer films. One in full color – showing Special, Super, Roadmaster & Skylark!

In stock

Product Description

Our 1953 Buick DVD is an awesome collection of four training slidefilms plus the introduction slidefilm of the 1953 Buick Sales Campaign called “Buick’s Green Pastures Million Dollar Sweepstakes“. All were produced by the Jam Handy Company to tell salesmen the best about the new 53 Buick models, their features and how to make profit in used car sales. You won’t find another collection like this! It comes with the following titles:


DOT 12
“The Greatest Buicks in 50 Great Years”
19min 2sec showing 90 slides (color)

1953 Buick DVD - The Greatest Buicks in 50 Great Years


DOT 13
“Win the Used Car Walk-In”
21min 0sec showing 106 slides (black & white)

1953 Buick DVD - Win the Used Car Walk-In


DOT 16
“The Art of Used-Car Appraising”
25min 4sec showing 98 slides (black & white)

1953 Buick DVD - The Art of Used-Car Appraising


DOT 20
“Reconditioning is Sales-Conditioning”
24min 3sec showing 103 slides (black & white)

1953 Buick DVD - Reconditioning is Sales-Conditioning


Buick Sales Campaign Introduction / Overview
“Buick’s Green Pastures Million Dollar Sweepstakes”
16min 35sec showing 76 slides (color)

1953 Buick DVD - Buick's Green Pastures Million Dollar Sweepstakes


We have digitalized the original filmstrips & records using professional equipment. On the other hand, we’ve tried to keep the films as authentic as possible. You can expect period correct films – with all factory correct imperfections. 🙂

The DVD is region free and be played in all countries. You can watch it using your DVD-Player with TV or the computer. There are no restrictions!

Order your 1953 Buick DVD today!

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1953 Buick DVD - Salesman Training Films
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