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  • 1952 Buick Christmas Card
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1952 Buick Christmas Card – Lot of 25 (REPRINT)


In stock

  • Lot of 25 Postcards
  • Authentic Reprint
  • Printed on Both Sides
  • High Quality Print
  • Thick Paper

In stock

Product Description

Bring a Buickful Christmas to your friends – with our 1952 Buick Christmas Card!

This is a lot of 25 (identical) Postcards. They are high quality reprints of the ultra rare Christmas Card that were available in Buick Dealerships. Our aim was to create an authentic reprint for little money. The postcards are printed on both sides (see second picture for back side).

Please note that the reprint is based on an original that is over 60 years old.

The dimensions are:
6.69 inches wide x 4.96 inches high (17.0 cm wide x 12,6 cm high)

Buy your 1952 Buick Christmas Card Lot today!

Additional Information

Dimensions12.6 x 17.0 cm

Model Year


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