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For sale is a rare 1951 Buick Showroom Presentation album! This book is absolutely beautiful, big and covers:

  • All series (Roadmaster, Super & Special)
  • Intro page for each series
  • The cars are shown as big graphics (one per page), the shown cars are:
    • 1951 Buick Roadmaster Riviera Sedan – Model 72R
    • 1951 Buick Roadmaster Convertible – Model 76C
    • 1951 Buick Roadmaster Riviera – Model 76R
    • 1951 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon – Model 79R
    • 1951 Buick Super Tourback Sedan – Model 52
    • 1951 Buick Super Convertible – Model 56C
    • 1951 Buick Super Riviera – Model 56R
    • 1951 Buick Super Estate Wagon – Model 59
    • 1951 Buick Special Tourback Sedan – Model 41D
    • 1951 Buick Special Tourback Sedan – Model 48D
    • 1951 Buick Special Riviera – Model 45R
    • 1951 Buick Special Convertible – Model 46C
    • 1951 Buick Special Tourback Coupe – Model 46S
    • 1951 Buick Special Tourback Sedan – Model 48
  • Interior overview with eight beautiful renderings
  • Engine description with graphics
  • Chassis/ride description with graphics
  • Dynaflow Transmission description with graphics
  • Accessories descriptions with graphics

The approx. size is: 15.8″ (40 cm) wide and 10.6″ (26,8 cm) high. It has a leather cover.

A must have item for every serious 1951 Buick enthusiast! You won’t see this book very often. Especially this one. It is half original. Half? Yes. I had the opportunity to buy a spare original binder and made high quality reprints of the inner pages. They match the original pages in size, paperweight and colors.

Please take a look at the pictures! What you see is what you get.

Reprints are available here:

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1951 Buick Showroom Album
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