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The 1951 Buick Dealer Facts Book is the ultimate source for information about the 51 Buick line. It was especially made for salesmen and emphasis on basic features as well as the “little details”. The book has about 140 pages and comes with lots of photos and facts.

With this book you’re able to identify each model and series – Special, Super and Roadmaster. It tells the differences in styling, interior as well as standard and optional features. The book contains information about:

  • Styling
  • Body
  • Engine
  • Chassis
  • Dynaflow
  • Accessories
  • Specifications
  • (Index)

Original books are very hard to find an expensive. If you have one, you’d better take good care of it! Buy this reprint to have a nice book to use as reference! Take it to friends or car shows to teach people some basics about your classic Buick!

This reprint has been made from an original in outstanding condition. To represent authentic information, the book has been retouched only a little bit. Don’t expect a 100% perfect book by modern standards. All graphics were made in the 1950s. The colors and photos could be slightly different due to the used color correction system.

The book was produced by a professional printing company. It has a hard cover and a high quality thread stitching for better durability. All inner pages are made of thick and heavy paper (over twice as thick as usual office paper). The reprint is a little bit bigger than the original. Size is approximately 8.46 inches high and 6.06 inches wide (DIN A5 – 21.5 cm high and 15.4 cm wide).

Get your 1951 Buick Dealer Facts Book today!

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