1958 Buick Configurator

With the 1958 Buick Configurator you can build your own 58 Buick – with all factory correct optional & standard equipment plus original paint combinations! See the chrome-loaded 58 Buick in all availavle colors and configure it as if you could order it as a new car from the factory back in 58. If you have a 1958 Buick you can use the 1958 Buick configurator to determine the original sales price of your beauty. Try it now – the basic version is free forever!


The extended version of the 1958 Buick configurator is under construction. It will provide any feature that allows you to go back in time and build the 1958 Buick to factory correct specifications. As soon as it is ready, we’ll let you know!

1958 Buick Configurator Pop-Out
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