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1957 Buick Transmission Maintenance

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DYNAFLOW OIL LEVEL & DIPSTICK CHANGE Following is a reprint of Special Service Letter - Dealer No. 218, dated August 16, 1957, which includes corrected serial numbers as described in Special Service Letter, Dealer No. 218A dated August 20, 1957: Listed below by assembly plants are serial numbers of the first cars equipped with a [...]

2014 2014/02

1957 Buick Clutch, Synchromesh Transmission and U-Joint Maintenance

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4-1 CLUTCH ASSEMBLY A new type centrifugal weighted clutch pres­ sure plate is used in 1957. The outer ends of the release Ievers are weighted so that at higher engine speeds where slipping is liable to occur, centrifugal force causes more pressure to be applied on the pressure plate. The faster the clutch revolves, the [...]

2014 2014/02

1950 Buick Clutch & Transmission Maintenance

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This section of the 1950 Buick Service Bulletins is made to support you to maintain the 1950 Buick Clutch & Transmission. To accurately position the Dynaflow shift control valve in the valve body, the distance from the upper lever ball to the shaft centerline must be carefully maintained. The upper valve operating lever and shaft [...]

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