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1958 Buick Special Riviera Estate Wagon – Model 49D

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The 1958 Buick Special Riviera Estate Wagon - Model 49D - is styled and built to combine, in ideal balance, all the qualities desired by buyers of this many-purposed model. The Buick Estate Wagon benefits by the sparkling performance of Buick's own B-12000 engine and has exceptionally roomy passenger compartments, and all the cargo capacity any family is likely to require.

1958 Buick Special Estate Wagon – Model 49

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The budget-priced Buick with bonus-value features that make the 1958 Buick Special Estate Wagon (Model 49) the biggest, smoothest, richest and finest performer in its field- offering such an outstanding dollar value that a major share of its buyers are first-time possessors of a full-size automobile.

1958 Buick Special 2-door Sedan – Model 48

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The 1958 Buick Special 2-door Sedan - Model 48 - is big and sturdy-built on Buick's own Miracle Ride Chassis with full 122-inch wheelbase. The Special is powerful-driven by the big B-12000 Buick Engine whose maximum capacity for power output is approached by no other engine in its price range. The Special is rich-in full six-passenger roominess-in the excellence of its fabrics and fittings-in the full-circle sweep of its total visibility.

1958 Buick Special Riviera – Model 46R

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Here in the 1958 Buick Special Riviera (Model 46R), you have big Buick solidity, spaciousness and quality-plus a long list of luxury features generally found only in cars costing hundreds of dollars more, if available at all. You have the sleek and bold B-58 styling with lavish use of heavy-duty chrome, stainless steel and lightweight aluminum. You have interiors that are genuinely large and stunningly beautiful. You have the peak efficiency of 250 horsepower and your option at slight extra cost of a new Variable Pitch Dynaflow or Flight Pitch Dynaflow. You have the limitless comfort of the Buick Miracle Ride with its buoyant 4-coil springing and Buick Rotoflow Torque-Tube stability.

1958 Buick Special Convertible – Model 46C

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This gleaming tail tower is just one of the many exterior beauty notes that 1958 Buick Special Convertible (Model 46C) owners can point to with pride. And inside, you'll find high-fashion appointment, Buick's strict emphasis on quality of workmanship, and a host of smartly functional details such as this spacious and centered glove compartment with the built-in beverage holders on its door.

1958 Buick Special 4-door Riviera – Model 43

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The 1958 Buick Special 4-door Riviera - Model 43 - offers you the way to make America's smartest buy. And you get a long list of important features that generally cost extra - or aren't available at all - in other cars. Among these: Dual Vista-Vision Headlights, full-flow oil filter, dual high-air ventilation intakes, ignition key light, glove box light and lock, cigarette lighter, separate trip-mileage recorder, geared vent panes, dual front ash trays, bumper guards, variable speed windshield wipers.

1958 Buick Special Sedan – Model 41

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Dartingly low and rakishly sleek, the 1958 Buick Special Sedan, Model 41, makes Buick headline news. It is one of the lowest-priced Buicks for 1958 - yet it has all the beauty, all the engineering, and many of the features found in their bigger Buick brothers.

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