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1954 Buick Skylark Convertible – Model 100

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This is the Buick for those with a boundless zest for automotive adventure. This is the spirit-lifting 1954 Buick Skylark Convertible (Model 100) - Buicks luxury sports car-with flight-designed lines, with road-snugging compactness, with the corsair-sweep of a finned rear deck-and with pulse -pounding performance second to no Buick ever built. Rich with many of the tomorrow features of Buick's experimental car, the Wildcat-the Skylark stands just four feet, 11 inches high with the top up, is lavishly fitted with soft-tanned choice cowhide in four gorgeous color combinations, rolls on a low wire-wheeled 122-inch chassis. As you would expect, this scintillating sportster is in limited production. As you would also expect, it has the mighty 200 -horsepower Fireball V8 engine, Airpower Carburetor, 8.5 to 1 compression ratio, Twin-Turbine Dynaflow, Buick Safety Power Steering-plus, as additional standard equipment, Power Brakes, 4-way Power Seat, power-operated top and windows and telescopic antenna, Easy-Eye Glass, Selectronic Radio, Weather-Warden Heater and Defroster, and whitewall tires.

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