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1958 Buick Super Riviera - Model 56R

1958 Buick Super Riviera – Model 56R

Production13,928 cars
Original Baseprice$ 3,644.00
Engine364 cui Fireball V8
400 ft-lbs
59.4 inches
79.8 inches
219.1 inches
127.5 inches
4,392 pounds

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Quote from Original Literature

1958 Buick Sales Flyer
The 1958 Buick Super Riviera (Model 56R) bears a fresh new look of fashion from head to toe, bumper to bumper. It brings you a unique thrill of command in its price class with Buick's mighty B-12000 engine and a greatly advanced new Variable Pitch Dynaflow. The new Miracle Ride so renowned for its buoyant levelness and velvet cushioning that it is now setting a trend for the industry to follow. In every respect-size, power, ride, ease of handling-the B-58 Super is definitely the beacon-light buy of the king-sized cars.

1958 Buick Super Riviera Equipment

The Super series – presented here by the 1958 Buick Super Riviera – was the combination of the large Fisher body with lots of extra features for a resonable price. That made the Buick Super series one of the most popular car series of the 1950s.

Accessory Group (Wheel Covers, Electric Clock, Trunk Light, License Plate Frame)
Air Conditioner
Air Cooled Aluminum Brake Drums
Air Poise Suspension
Autronic Eye
Black Wall Tires
Chrome Door Guards
Custom Bright Exterior Moldings
Custom Rear Window Reveal Molding (Standard With Two-Tone Paint)
Deluxe Steering Wheel
Divided Rear Seat
Divided Rear Seat And Junior Seat
Dual Exhaust
Easy Eye Glass
Electric Antenna
Flight Pitch Dynaflow
Foamtex Seat Cushions
Heater And Defroster
Instrument Panel Safety Pad
Junior Seat
Luggage Rack
Map Light
Permanent Anti-Freeze
Power Brakes (Automatic Transmission Required)
Power Seat Adjuster (6 Way)
Power Steering
Power Windows
Rear Seat Speaker
Safety Group (Back-Up Lights, Glareproof Mirror, Parking Brake Signal Light, Instrument Panel Safety Pad – Lower, Safety-Minder Speedometer)
Safety Seat Lock
Sonomatic Radio
Variable Pitch Dynaflow
Wheel Covers
White Wall Tires
Windshield Washer With Wide Angle Wiper
Wonder Bar Radio

Note: The list above shows the Options & Accessories for all series – not for a specific model.

1958 Buick Options & Accessories

1958 Buick Super Riviera Colors

1958 Buick Colors

Buick color stylists have created a selection of 17 colors – including the new Lucide paints – that enhance the joy in owning an Air Born B-5B Buick. Two-Tone Paint (at extra cost) was avabilable in all body styles and all series. Note: Color accuracy varies by computer/device settings and depends on the actual light.

(See complete 1958 Buick color chart for Duco Paint numbers.)

1958 Buick Colors

Carlsbad Black

Sylvan Grey

Glacier White

Hunter Green

Spray Green

Colonial Blue

Warwick Blue

Dark Turquoise

Light Turquoise

Antique Ivory

Casino Cream

Seminole Red

Garnet Red

Reef Coral

Desert Beige

Cobalt Blue

Desert Sage

Mojave Yellow

Canyon Cedar

Green Mist

Blue Mist

Laurel Mist

Silver Mist

Polar Mist

Gold Mist

1958 Buick Super Riviera Interior Trim Combinations

Trim #501

This is a Standard Trim.

Seat Material:
Green Striped Cloth

Bolster Material:
Green Cordaveen

1958 Buick Seat Material
1958 Buick Bolster Material

Trim #511

Custom Trim at Extra Cost.

Seat Material:
Blue Striped Cloth

Bolster Material:
Blue Cordaveen

1958 Buick Seat Material
1958 Buick Bolster Material

Trim #521

This is a Standard Trim.

Seat Material:
Black Striped Cloth

Bolster Material:
White Cordaveen

1958 Buick Seat Material
1958 Buick Bolster Material

Trim #541

Custom Trim at Extra Cost.

Seat Material:
Rust Striped Cloth

Bolster Material:
White Cordaveen

1958 Buick Seat Material
1958 Buick Bolster Material

Trim #546

Custom Trim at Extra Cost.

Seat Material:
Gold Striped Cloth

Bolster Material:
White Cordaveen

1958 Buick Seat Material
1958 Buick Bolster Material

Trim #591

Custom Trim at Extra Cost.

Seat Material:
Turquoise Striped Cloth

Bolster Material:
Turquoise Cordaveen

1958 Buick Seat Material
1958 Buick Bolster Material

Buers of the 1958 Buick Super Riviera had the choice between six different interior combinations at no extra cost. All of them had Cloth as Seat Material and Cordaveen as Bolster Material.

1958 Buick Super Riviera Featured Video

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1958 Buick Videos

Buick produced awesome TV commercials for 1958. One introduced the Airborn B58 Buick with cars driving out-of airplanes. To train dealers and salesmen, Buick carried over their DOT (Dealer Training Organisation) program and released a couple of slidefilms.

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Literature covering the 1958 Buick Super Riviera

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1958 is one of the most challenging years for any serious Buick collector. Most of the original literature is very hard to find – and very expensive. But don’t worry! We want to share with you what we’ve got!

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1958 Buick Body Tag

1958 Buick Body Tag

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1958 Buick Registry

1958 Buick Registry

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1958 Buick Prices

1958 Buick Prices

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