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1955 Buick Colors & Fabrics Book 01

1955 Buick Colors & Fabrics Book

Published in1955
AuthorBuick Division of General Motors
Title1955 Buick Colors & Fabrics Book
Media TypeSample Book
CategoryColor & Fabrics Books
Pages18 (without samples)
Size (H x W x D)26.3 cm x 31.2 cm x 7 cm

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(0=millions of copies available – 100=unique item)

1955 Buick Reference Book

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One seller on eBay once described the 1955 Buick Colors & Fabrics Book as beeing rare as a dinosaur’s egg. We’re not familiar with dinosaurs. The only thing we can tell you is: You might have to wait years until one of these original books shows up!

All restorers of a 55 Buick who want to restore their classic car back to original factory specs, need to know the interior material. Thats why we’ve considerred making reprints of 1955 Buick Colors & Fabrics Book. On the other hand, it might be handy to have more info for owners and restorers: Models, interior schemes, body & vin tag decoding guide, paint samples, option codes & more. We have gathered all this into one single publication, the 1955 Buick reference book! See for yourself!

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