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1950 Buick Special Jetback Sedanet - Model 46D

1950 Buick Special Jetback Deluxe Sedanet – Model 46D

Production 76,902 cars
Original Baseprice $ 1,899.00
Engine 248 cui Fireball L8
122 (w/Dynaflow)
209 ft-lbs (w/Dynaflow)
63.9 inches
79.4 inches
204 inches
121.5 inches
3,665 pounds

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Quote from Original Literature

1950 Buick Sales Brochure
The 1950 Buick Special Jetback Deluxe Sedanet (Model 46D) - smart designing makes this swift-lined 6-passenger beauty spacious as a sedan, companionable as a coupe. Its deep, wide rear seat takes three persons - who enter easily, thanks to wide doors and easy-folding front-seat backs. A family favorite with its two-door safety for children.

1950 Buick Special Jetback Deluxe Sedanet Equipment

Like all Special models, the 1950 Buick Special Jetback Deluxe Sedanet came very plain out of the factory. That lowered the base price to minimum – on the other side there was a long options list to put the model 46D on top of the low price field.

Outstanding Styling
Accessories Group (Electric Clock, Wheel Trim Rings, Trunk Light, Rear License Plate Frame)
Antenna only
Back-up Lights
Direction Signals
Dynaflow Transmission (Automatic)
Flexible Spoke Steering Wheel
Foamtex Seat Cushions
Glare Proof Mirror
Heater & Defroster
Sonomatic Radio with Manual Antenna
Selectronic Radio with Manual Antenna
White Wall Tires
Windshield Washer

See 1950 Buick Options & Accessories for a full list with original prices.

1950 Buick Options & Accessories

1950 Buick Special Jetback Deluxe Sedanet Colors

1950 Buick Colors

Buick offered 17 main colors for 1950. Early Special models used colors of 1949 until Buick changed the production. Two-Tone paint was at extra cost and limited to certain color combinations. In this case, only the roof could be painted differently. Note: Color accuracy varies by computer/device settings and depends on the actual light.

(See complete 1950 Buick color chart for Duco Paint numbers and correct Two-Tone paints.)

1950 Buick Colors

Body Colors

Carlsbad Black

Cumberland Grey

Verde Green

Imperial Blue

Sunmist Grey

Allendale Green

Royal Maroon

Cirrus Green

Olympic Blue

Geneva Green

Niagara Green

Calvin Grey

Meredith Green

Cloudmist Grey

Kashmir Green

Roof Colors (Two-Tone Paint)

Verde Green (with Cirrus Green or Niagara Green)

Imperial Blue (with Olympic Blue or Barton Grey)

Sunmist Grey (with Cumberland Grey)

Carlsbad Black (with Calvin Grey)

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Hometown Buick has a big online literature archive – including handy repair manuals for your 1950 Buick Special Jetback Deluxe Sedanet. Enjoy reading them, most parts of every item are free to the public.

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1950 Buick Body Tag

1950 Buick Body Tag

There is a saying: “You can restore a car a thousand times, but its only original once”. If you want to know how your 1950 Buick Special Jetback Deluxe Sedanet was equipped from the factory, you just need to body tag. All information is there. We can help you to decode it.

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1950 Buick Registry

1950 Buick Registry

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1950 Buick Configurator

1950 Buick Configurator

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1950 Buick Prices

1950 Buick Prices

What is a fair price for a 1950 Buick Special Jetback Deluxe Sedanet? Much of the answer depends on condition, location and if its original. A classic car database can’t answer your question, but can give you a first orientation.

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