1958 Buick Videos

1958 Buick videos are hard to find. Until now, we have spotted two really nice ones: A TV commercial plus a short video as model introduction. Both of them are available on YouTube.

The Buick Dealer Training Organization program was changed. Technical aspects were totally dropped. Instead of one general introduction slidefilm, Buick offered four of them. Each one is about a different aspect. They are: Styling, Performance, Suspension and Optional Equipment

Do you have more 1958 Buick Videos that are not shown here? Please let us know!

1958 Buick – Pluses for Buick

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1958 Buick - Pluses for Buick The film '1958 Buick - Pluses for Buick' is the story of all the smaller advantages of Buick for 1958. Starting with new brakes, power steering, the air conditioning system and much more! The film visualizes the long option list of the B58-Buick. [...]

1958 Buick – The Miracle Ride

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1958 Buick - The Miracle Ride Buick was famous for its 'Million Dollar Ride', and in 1958 Buick even made it better. The so-called 'Air Ride' coupled with the 'Air-Pose Suspension' provided a luxurious ride as never before. This slidefilm '1958 Buick - The Miracle Ride' shows salesmen how to tell [...]