Brake squeak complaints have been reported on 1956 cars, even though the drums and brake lining have been inspected and found to be in fair condition. Several corrections were tried, such as breaking all corners and roughing the lining surface, but they were to no avail, as the squeak re-occurred within a day or so. This squeak is come times referred to as a ”pinch -out squeak” and it occurs at the end of a brake application just before car comes to a dead stop. This pinch­out squeak may not always be present at the end of each brake application; therefore, some owners may notice this squeak more readily than others.

We have been advised by our Engineering Department that a new brake anti-squeak spring, Gr.5.810 Part #1178586, is more effective in eliminating brake squeak complaints; therefore, it will replace spring Gr. 5.810 Part #1345469 previously recommended. The new spring, however, is more difficult to install due to the increase in tension; therefore, it is recommended that the following installation procedure be closely followed:

  1. Remove wheel and tire assembly
  2. Hook the ends of spring together
  3. With two vise grip pliers, clamp the anti­squeak spring to the brake drum, as shown in Figure 70.
    1956 Buick Brake Squeak Correction

    1956 Buick Brake Squeak Correction

  4. As a protective measure, it is recommended that a cross bar made of steel be installed across the drum diameter, as shown in Fig. 70. Doing so will prevent spring from flying through the air if it should slip during installation, described in Step 5.
  5. Using suitable tool for pry bars expand spring over drum, as shown in Figure 71.