In BPS No. 2.347, dated July 15, 1953, instructions were given for reworking the yoke screws, J -1292-36 of the Kent-Moore pinion press. J -1292-E. This rework provided necessary clearance for the large rear axle pinion gears.

Complaints have been received from some dealers to the effect that the reworked press does not work satisfactorily. In view of this, Kent-Moore has developed new type yokes, J -1292-40 and J -1292-41 which are wider than the yokes previously furnished with the press. In order to use the new wide yokes, the pinion press must be reworked as shown in Fig. 133.

1955 Buick Pinion Press

1955 Buick Pinion Press

The new wide type yokes are priced at $19.60 for the pair. They can be used with the original screws, J -1292-36, however, if the screws were reworked according to BPS No. 2.347, it is suggested that new ones be purchased.

The complete conversion kit, J -1292 -43, consisting of the new wide yokes and screws, is priced at $30.00. It is very difficult to determine the number of kits that will be required, therefore, Kent-Moore has prepared a limited number which are now available. When these kits are gone, there will be a delay of 45 to 60 days before additional kits are again available.

New pinion presses ordered from Kent-Moore will have all of the above modifications.



Rochester 4-Barrel Carburetor

The special 1955 Buick tools required to properly service the new Rochester 4-barrel carburetor are shown in Figure 134. The tools and leatherette case are packaged as a complete kit, J-6150.

1955 Buick Special Carburetor Tools

1955 Buick Special Carburetor Tools

Order blanks may be obtained from your Buick Zone Service Manager or his office.



We have received many inquiries on the availability of the portable light used in Buick Classrooms at the General Motors Training Centers. This type light is sold throughout the United States by automotive jobbers. If, however, it cannot be purchased locally, it is suggested that an inquiry be addressed to either of the following companies who manufacture this type light.

Woodward Machine Company
4833 Elmhurst Avenue
Detroit 4, Michigan

Detroit Industrial Products Co.
8230 W. Davison Street
Detroit 4, Michigan