1954 SERIES 50 & 70 CLOCKS

In cases where the clock reset knob is difficult to grasp and tum, remove the clock and file the holes in the mounting brackets upward 1/16″ so that the clock when reinstalled will be 1/16″ lower. This will give sufficient finger room between the knob and the clock bezel.

An after-jobs change has lengthened the reset knob 1/8″ to compensate for the variations in the location of the instrument trim panel relative to the clock location.


The New Haven Clock and Watch Company advise that they have cancelled their service arrangement with the Graf Service Stations in California, and have appointed the following two companies which will handle service on New Haven Clocks in that area:

Snow’s Clock Company
1639 East Anaheim Street
Long Beach, California

Davenport’s Automotive Clock Service
225 Gough Street
San Francisco 2, California

They also advise that the Instrument Service Co., 1631 N. Capitol Street, Washington 4, D.C. has changed its name to the following:

Auto Clock Shop
1105 21st Street
N.W. Washington, D.C.


Some complaints have been received concerning uncomfortably high heater temperatures, when the left control lever is in the low winter range position. The condition may be corrected as follows:

  1. Remove temperature control valve without disconnecting water hoses as follows:
    • Disconnect control wire from temperature control valve.
    • Disconnect temperature control valve capillary coil from right kick pad over Auxiliary Heater Outlet Deflector.
      (Note: Care should be taken to prevent kinking of heater hoses or damage to temperature control valve capillary coil.)
  2. Adjust temperature control valve setting as follows:
    • Use screw driver to rotate cross recess screw 7/8 tum in counter -clockwise direction as shown in Figure 61.
      1954 Buick Clock Temperature Control

      1954 Buick Clock Temperature Control

      (Mark original position of screw first.)

    • Solder the head of cross recess screw to lock screw in new position. (This adjustment changes low automatic controlled temperature 10 degrees F. lower.)
  3. 3 Reinstall valve, connect capillary coil and control wire. Make certain that temperature control lever and wire are properly adjusted. When the left control lever on instrument panel is in “off ” position, the cam on the temperature control valve must be in the locked off position. (Extreme clockwise direction.)

A foreign particle may lodge in temperature control valve thereby resulting in improper heat control. To remedy this condition, lock valve wide open (push left lever to extreme up position) and rev up engine a number of times to flush out foreign particles.

1954 SERIES 40 & 60