1954 Buick General Specifications

1954 Buick General Specifications


When submitting AFA’s to the zone office cover repairs on 1954 models it is important that the serial number letter prefix be shown. In the future zones will not accept AFA’s unless the letter prefix is shown immediately ahead of the serial number on the AFA.


When the latest supply of the AFA form S-764-1 was printed, the printer printed an “X” at the top of the Flat Rate Time column, indicating that this information should be filled in by the dealer.

This is an error. An asterisk should have been printed at the head of this column. Therefore, when making up AFA’s, please do not fill in this column, because this is a zone function


Buick Kar-Kleen all purpose cleaner has been added to the accessories line by the Parts Department and will be available in all Buick warehouses about September 15, 1954 under Gr. 8.762 Part No. 981656.

Numerous requests have been made for a cleaner that will clean all types of upholstery, floor carpets, orlon and nylon convertible tops, leather, plastic, head lining, etc.

The Parts Department advises this cleaner has under­ gone tests for several months and has proven itself to be one of the best cleaners available.

The vendor has field men available to give demonstrations on the use of this product to groups of dealer personnel requesting it.


It has recently been ‘brought to our attention that some dealers are applying No. 10 motor oil to the exterior chrome parts of new cars when they are placed in open areas prior to deliver. When this is done, the oil has a tendency to spread to the surrounding painted panels and will result in discoloration of the paint, therefore, its use should be stopped.

As most of you know, more salt is being used during the winter to melt ice and snow than has been used before. Municipalities, therefore are buying progressively cheaper material and the result is a chloride with more acid content. Some of the material can discolor chrome in less than 24 hours, which means that the use of a preservative of some type is highly desirable.

“Buick Chrome Preservative” is, and will be, available through all Parts Warehouses. It will not stain painted parts.


We have determined that Dow Corning No. 4 Compound is superior to materials used in the past as a rubber lubricant. This compound is a translucent grease-like material having a consistency similar to vaseline. It is very moisture resistant, chemically inert so that it has no swelling effect on rubber and does not change appreciably in consistency through a temperature range of minus 65 degrees F. to over plus 400 F.

DC No. 4 Compound should find many uses in a dealership particularly as a lubricant for hood lacing, hood bumpers and other rubber parts that produce an annoying squeak when not lubricated. It is also very effective as a weatherstrip freeze preventive around door and trunk lid openings and it will delay checking and cracking of all exposed weatherstrip.

A light coating of DC No. 4 Compound is all that is required and in most cases one application is sufficient for an entire season. It is insoluble in water, lubricating oil and anti-freeze liquids but can be readily dissolved by common solvents such as gasoline, benzol and carbon tetrachloride.

We believe that an eight ounce collapsible tube is the handiest size for average dealership use and it can be obtained in various quantities at the following prices:

1-11 tubes                          $3.25/tube
*12-24 tubes                     3.00/tube
*(In standard 12 tube cartons)

All prices quoted are net cash, 30 days; freight prepaid and allowed.

Order for Dow Corning No. 4 Compound can be placed through any of the following distributors.

Dow Corning states that they have received a number of requests for Dow Corning 7 Emulsion. This Emulsion as used by Fisher B<x.ly plants at the time the bodies are assembled is not available for field use for various reasons.

  • It is not stable. It separates out very quickly and shelf-life is limited.
  • It is rather inconvenient for one mechanic or service man to handle.

For these and other reasons Dow Coming has made available Dow Corning No.4 Compound. This is the material originally recommended by us, not the Dow Corning 7 Emulsion. The silicones used in both are exactly the same and the results are the same.

Hartdy Parts Stores
1501 South Grand Street
Los Angeles, California

Hendrie & Bolthoff Company
1635 Seventeenth Street
Denver 17, Colorado

Grinold Auto Parts
354 Hudson Street
Hartford, Connecticut

Horton -Gallo Creamer Company
96 State Street
New Haven, Connecticut.

3221 North East Second Avenue
Post Office Box 398

Buena Vista Station
Miami 37, Florida

Montgomery Motor Sales Company
2300 West Madison Street
Chicago, Illinois

Cooper-Lewis Company
161 Forest Avenue
Portland, Maine

Cooper-Lewis Company
765 Parkway Street
Revere 51, Massachusetts

Northern Supply Company
927 Saginaw Street
Bay City, Michigan

Piston Service Company
4430 Cass Avenue
Detroit 1, Michigan

Service Parts Company
1601 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Saint Louis Auto Parts Company
3400 Gravois Boulevard
Saint Louis 18, Missouri

Lehr Distributors, Inc.
3205 Hudson Street
Jersey City, New Jersey

Ufert Autoparts Service, Inc.
15-25 Barnes Street
Trenton, New Jersey

Balco-Pedrick Parts Corporation
1425 Main Street
Buffalo, New York

Hahn Tire & Accessory Company
418 Saint Paul Street
Rochester 5, New York

Lehr Distributors, Inc.
16 West 61st Street
New York, New. York

Salter Automotive Company
12562 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland 12, Ohio

The Miami Rubber Company
1022 Kenner Street
Cincinnati, Ohio

The Troy Automotive Supply Company

Bee Incorporated
718-730 Allen Street
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Bee Incorporated Bethlehem Pennsylvania
Bee Incorporated Easton Pennsylvania

Big Boys Auto Pans Company
123 South Second Street
Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Elliott and Waddington
116-118 North Mercer Street
New Castle, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg Auto Parts Company
1021 Market Street
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The Miami Rubber Company
5932 Baum Boulevard
Pittsburgh 6, Pennsylvania

S. Youse Company, Inc. Ephrata
E. S. Youse Company, Inc. Lancaster
E. S. Youse Company, Inc. Lebanon
E. S. Youse Company, Inc. Palmyra
E. S. Youse Company, Inc. Pottstown
E. S. Youse Company, Inc. Pottsville
E. S. Youse Company, Inc. Shamokin

S. Youse Company, Inc.
522 Chestnut Street
Reading, Pennsylvania

Cooper-Lewis Company
127 Point Street
Providence, Rhode Island

Carter Auto Supply Company
1622 North Indiana Boulevard
Dallas, Texas

Radcliff Supply Company
501 East Third Street
Amarillo, Texas

Motor Car Sales Company
1621 Twelfth Avenue
Seattle, Washington

Bruce H. Seabright Company
3710 Jacob Street
Wheeling, West Virginia