1953 Buick Frame

1953 Buick Frame


1953 – 76X SKYLARK

Special Service Letter – Dealer No. 124

A change in the front suspension has been made in production on all 70 Series cars to improve appearance and ride. This change is to be campaigned on all Skylark (76X) models prior to Serial No. 16760415. It may be made onother70 Series models where owners complain of a low front end or ride.

The change consists of adding one 1310413 shim, Group 7 .425, to the left front between the top of the spring and the spring insulator, and includes the following front spring change.

Model – Former Spring – New Spring
1953-72R, 76R, 76C, 79 – 1335808 – 1163279
1953-76X – 1314950 – 1335808

This change raises the front of the car approximately 1/2 inch. The same result may be obtained by adding 2 of the above shims to the top of the right spring and 3 shims to the top of the left spring and using the original springs.

Should there be any complaints of power steering equipped 40 or 50 Series cars being low on the left side it is recommended that one shim be added to the top of the left front spring on these models.

After the change has been made the toe-in should be checked and brought to within 1/16″ to 1/8″.

Flat rate time allowance on AFA’s for the campaign on the 76X models is 1.7 hours. This includes the toe-in check.




In order to reduce inventory whenever possible, the Parts Department has made the following substitution on the 1953 Series 40 Buick.

Group 7.010, Part 1390570 Member-Front Frame Cross, which was used on the 1951-1952 Series 40 Buicks, has been released for the 1953 Series 40 cars. This part is identical to the 1953 Series 40 Production Front Cross Member, except it includes the Radiator Mounting Bracket which is not required on the 1953 Series 40 models. Therefore, when using Part 1390570 on a 1953 Series40Buick it will only be necessary to cut the Radiator Mounting Bracket off.