1. Protect the finish by masking around the 1950 Buick windshield opening and laying a suitable covering across the hood and front fender.
  2. Inside the car, remove the rear view mirror, inner division molding, including upper and lower escutcheons also the garnish molding.
  3. At bottom of windshield remove the defroster air deflectors by removing attaching screws. (See drawing .)
  4. Outside the car , remove the 1950 Buick windshield wiper arm, transmission burr, transmission nut, transmission escutcheon, and belt finishing molding at base of windshield .
  5. Underneath the instrument panel detach the windshield washer tubing, disconnect wiper cables, and remove the transmission attaching bolts and transmission.
    1950 Buick Windshield Glass and Glass Channel

    1950 Buick Windshield Glass and Glass Channel

  6. With the palm of the hand against the inside surface of the glass, carefully force the assembly outward until the lip of the rubber channel has been removed from the pinchweld- flanges of the opening. Hand pressure may be applied alternately at the upper and lower corner s until. separation begins. In some cases, it may be necessary to use a putty knife to loosen the seal between the rubber and pinchweld flange. Remove the glass and rubber channel section as a unit.
  7. Next, loosen the seal of weatherstrip cement between the glass and rubber channel and disengage the rubber channel from the glass.


  1. Before installing glass assembly, inspect the con­ tour of the pinchweld flange around the opening for any irregularities and correct. New glass can b used as a template. Using a scraper and oleum spirits, remove all old cement from around opening and dry thoroughly. Also clean rubber channel.
  2. Before installation, apply “3M Weatherstrip Cement” to the flanges of the opening as indicated in lower drawing.