Note: The 1950 Buick front seat cushion cannot be lifted out.

  1. Remove the 1950 Buick front seat side panel, including extension.
  2. Remove the two (2) seat adjuster to floor pan bolts from each of four seat adjuster supports.
    1950 Buick Front Seat Adjuster

    1950 Buick Front Seat Adjuster

  3. Remove the 1950 Buick front seat assembly from body with seat adjuster unit attached.
  4. Remove seat adjuster assembly from seat as follows: Detach the locking rod from the locking rod clip on the center bar of the seat frame. The seat front and r ear attaching bolts are installed in an inverted position through the top of the upper channel. To remove the front bolt, push the adjuster to the rear and remove exposed bolt. To remove rear bolt, push adjuster forward and remove bolt. Remove center attaching bolt and remove seat adjuster assembly.
  5. To install, reverse this procedure.


The slotted attaching bolt holes of the seat adjuster supports provide lateral or sideward adjustment to permit alignment of adjuster units on each side of the body.



  1. Remove outer cross-head screw from escutcheon on each end of robe cord , as shown in the picture, and remove cord.
  2. To install, reverse this procedure. The escutch­eons may be removed if desired by removing the remaining inner screws.

Note: The robe cord and escutcheon retaining screws also secure the upper portion of the 1950 Buick front seat back trim panel to the seat back frame.